Loch Shiel

It feels like only yesterday I was standings on top of this mountain looking down at that view. I am referring to my feature photo that I took in Scotland with no edit I might add! AMAZED is all I can say. I have never saw something so beautiful in my life. Out of all the places I traveled while in Europe I would choose to go back to Scotland.

It was an amazing adventure packed full of incredible sights, open mouth awes, and beauty absolutely everywhere. Where ever you turn there is something else to take in.

I unfortunately did not get to stay long enough at Loch Shiel. I would recommend NOT taking a tour bus there because you need more time here. It was the most amazing sight I saw on my 6 month adventure in Europe. It was like you were looking down at heaven, vast and endless beauty. I have never been more alive!

So all I am saying is drive there or get dropped off because 20 minutes is not enough time for this stop.

Any Harry Potter fans? I know I am !!! Loch Shiel is the backdrop for the black lake aka Hogwarts main lake. If you are a fan of the series make sure to put this stop on your list!! It is even more magical seeing it in person.

Even in the pouring rain I didn’t want to leave.

& It gets even better!!

This is one side of the amazing view and the other side is the very well known Glenfinnan Viaduct Monument.

Stay tuned for my next post about the Glenfinnan Monument!

As Always,

Happy Travels!

C. Estelle


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