Titanic Belfast in Northern Ireland

What is truly incredible is that I saw this museum advertised online when I was back home in Michigan and said to myself one day I will go there. Little did I know one day was right around the corner! I have always been a huge fan on the Titanic. Not just the movie but the actual event of the Titanic sinking had always intrigued me since I was little. The museum was very interactive and a great thing you have to do while your in Belfast. I walked here from our hotel it was a good 30 minute walk from the Travel lodge. I would stay at the Travel lodge because they are close to the city center and inexpensive.

The museum took me a long time to get through it because I was in awe with everything. When you get to see where the Titanic was built right outside the back of the museum it feels like it is to good to be true. The museum also offers a tour of the SS Nomadic which is outside. It is the actual ship whom brought Titanic passengers to the Titanic back in the 1900’s. When you buy your ticket for the museum it gives you free entry to explore the SS Nomadic. The entire museum is a must see attraction! I am just bummed that I didn’t have enough time to do a walking tour which a guide leads you around to more historic spots.

If you are in Belfast make sure you check the museum out! I suggest going early because it does take awhile and if you don’t have too much time in Belfast you want to use it wisely!

Looking for more insight into Belfast? Stay tuned for more tips & adventures.

As always!

Happy Travels,

C. Estelle

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