Eilean Donan Castle in Dornie, Scotland.

I have never been so spectacularly and completely in awe. In this moment I was in the present. Looking at this beautiful castle I wasn’t thinking I was seeing and experiencing. It is a shame to be in your head thinking so much because it distracts you from observing what is around you. This was an amazing experience one that I will not soon forget. The landscape is incredible surrounding the castle, full of so many vibrant colors. I was in wonderland with the different shades of green, bright rusty orange – dark red moss, and colorful yellow wildflowers.

This castle is a must see and it is worth it to pay the fee to go inside. It is also worth it to stay and enjoy the site until all the people leave so you can get photographs with not as many people ruining the shot.

One thing that almost made me cry and brought me out of my present wonderland was when I was walking along the ancient bridge there was someone who clearly through their ticket on the ground after receiving it. I however, a decent human being, bent down and picked up that ticket to put it in my pocket along with mine. In that moment I was furious with humans like how the hell can you trash this beautiful place. Something so ancient and unraveled in time, an experience of a lifetime, and you are going to throw your trash on it and soil it? So put your ticket in your pocket or I will get you.

This may sound like a tourist trap now and it is but it was worth it. It is a sight to put on your bucket list and Scotland in general should be on it.

Happy Travels,


C. Estelle




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