Scottish Highlands

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When I first arrived overseas I went directly to Scotland before my classes started because it was one place that was on the top of my bucket list. I love nature and open countryside. It was an incredible place for me to experience and I am so grateful I was able to make it there. Scotland was amazing but my favorite part of my journey there was the Scottish Highlands. If you are into the outdoors the Scottish Highlands are a dream come true. Mountains for miles covered with thick green moss, wildflowers everywhere you look, so many lochs you can’t keep track of them all, and my new favorite animal the highland cow!!!

I went on a two day tour of the Scottish Highlands and it was not nearly enough time. If you plan on visiting and love being outside as much as me make sure you carve out a week at least for the Highlands. You will probably want even more time than that. You could easily see a lot in a week but after leaving I wanted to move there. There is so much to see though, with all the lochs including Loch Ness, the big ben mountains, lots of castles- I recommend Eliean Donan is a MUST see. The furry Highlands cows are a special animal to see while you are in the Highlands so make sure you stop when you see them because there are not as many as you may think. I had a super cute experience with the furry babies  and I will never forget it.

All in all, I would take two and half weeks to travel Scotland so you can get the most of your journey. I recommend the Isle of Skye too although I sadly did not make it there. If you go to the Isle of Skye you better make it to the fairy pools!! If you do send me pictures because I was sad I didn’t have enough time to check them out.

Scotland is full of magic. I felt elevated being there from the old time fairytale stories, magical moss mountains, mysterious deep lochs, mythical monsters, to the one and only Nessie herself. Who is real by the way!

As always hope this inspires you to visit that magical country!

See more photography below.

Happy Travels,

C. Estelle



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