Lounging by Grand River

My last living grandma has a beautiful home on Grand River in Lansing, Michigan’s capital. It has a great view looking out from her pool onto the green lawn that runs down to the river. She takes great pride in her home and has lived in the same house for 26 years. My grandma is quite the character, very lively, even though she is 85 years old and has been battling kidney cancer for 5 years. Her doctors are all surprised she is still alive but I’m not. She is a fighter. She still drives to her beauty appointment every Friday to get her hair done by the same hairdresser for 26 years. We keep telling her to come move by us so she wouldn’t be lonely. She replies I’m never lonely. She tells us how she wakes up at 4 in the morning and counts the cars as they drive past the river. She watches the wildlife and birds soar around. The crickets and frogs put her to sleep at night. She stays outside till 9 o’ clock to watch the lights come on across the river. My grandma loves how the lights shine in through her windows at night. She loves doing crossword puzzles in the paper and enjoys the cool breeze off the river.

What I am trying to get at is my grandmother may seem to have a boring life but she enjoys every second. The simplicity of watching the loons on the river, counting clouds, drifting off to sleep with crickets… not many people take the time to stop and enjoy the little things. It broke my heart when I left and she started to cry because I’m leaving  the country for a while. We have been apart for longer than what this trip will be but then I realized it’s because of her health. I bet she was thinking what if I never see her again?

Rule # 1. Always say goodbye – anything can happen.

Rule #2. Take the time to stop and stare. –  & enjoy the little things while their there.

As always,

Happy Travels.

C. Estelle.


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