Sleeping Bear Dunes, Glenn Arbor, MI. 

What can I say…. what an adventure I  got myself into… 

I decided a trip to The Sleeping Bear Dunes/camping trip would be a fun thing to do for my boyfriend’s and I 4th year anniversary. We camped ouver night at Timber Ridge campsite in Traverse City, MI. The sitentire is about 40 minutes away from Glenn Arbor where the dunes is. So we get there and pay the 15 dollar fee to get in and they give you a map of everything. You park in front of a huge sanddune which is the first dune to climb up to make your journey to the beach. Not knowing what we were getting ourselves into we started hiking before looking at the map for the dune climb. The first sand dunes is difficult and steep let alone the 26 others to climb up. It is a 3.5 mile hike up steep sand dunes and is incredibly difficult and strenuiois. This hike should not be attempted for anyone with any phisical limitations. It is intense and once we got to the beach it was like the light at the end of the tunnel. Lake Michigan is HEAVENLY. It took us 2 hours to get to the beach and 1:30 to get back from the beach so plan this for an all day adventure. It is incredibly beautiful and look/feels like you are in another country walking through the desert. AMAZING yet strenuous. The sand is almost unbearably hot barefooted yet it’s the easiest way to hike the dunes. I wore my keen I saw people wear all sorts of different things even cloths just tied around their feet. I saw lots of tennis shoes but it’s hard to walk in shoes uphill large sanddunes. Bring lots of water and sunscreen, suglasses and towel if you want but it’s not needed just extra weight your mostly dry by the time your back. 
Happy Travels,

C. Estelle 


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