Shredding at Breckenridge Resort

What a thrill!!! Shredding Breck is amazing! Drop dead beautiful views, fun runs for every level whether you are a beginner or expert, and did I mention incredible views? If you are looking for a rush ski here no doubt! It felt like I was flying and I never wanted to stop. Besides the ridiculous prices for food and water (meaning you will want to pack both) it was a great day. They have rentals available but that is expensive on top of a day ski ticket but if you love the sport than it is worth it. In the whole day my boyfriend and I were not even able to ski the whole place so we can not wait to go back. The people are so friendly and the locals are fun to party with at the mountain.

DO NOT FORGET SUNSCREEN! You are very close to the sun and will be fried like never before and it will not be fun the next day. Even if you usually never need it this time you do! If you are an expert head up to the very tip top of the mountain and take a picture at the highest elevation sign. The view is incredible but do not attempt this as a beginner as it is double black diamonds all the way down. Park in the gondola parking and ride that up to the mountain it is a fun ride and the only parking available for the mountain. Happy Shredding!!!

Happy Travels,

C. Estelle.



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