Gold Rock Creek Beach, Grand Bahama Island



20160406_130515That starfish you see above… It’s real! I took this picture with my own two hands! What an amazing experience my boyfriend and I had visiting the Grand Bahama Island. This was by far my favorite day of the trip. The Lucayan National Park is a MUST SEE! It is inconvenient to get there because the taxis are so expensive it cost us 120$ round trip and it was only 45 minutes away from our hotel The Grand Lucayan. It was worth every penny to me though to be able to see this amazing place with so many different ecosystems in the same area. Once you arrive there you walk along a trail exploring the different plants, animals, and historic caves. You walk through a beautiful mangrove marsh, a swamp area with butterflies,  and just seeing the different terrain blew my mind since I am from Northern Michigan. The different trees and amazing landscapes were perfect until we walked up the trail and saw Gold Rock Creek Beach for the first time. I would describe this site as an unreal fairytale moment. My Jaw dropped in complete awe. I have never and I mean NEVER seen anything so beautiful and perfect my entire life. I have never been as happy as I was that day dancing around Gold Rock Creek Beach. If you are going to Grand Bahama Island you have to stop out and see this beauty. The Pirates of The Carribean Dead Mans Chest was filmed here as well.

Getting There: I know 120$ round trip is crazy expensive but it’s the only way to get out there unless you rent a car but the locals drive crazy over there so I do not suggest it as they do drive on the opposite side as the US. There are a lot of reported accidents from tourists getting into car accidents and you don’t want to be apart of that statistic. There are tours you can take but they book up fast and are only offered certain days. Also with the tours you won’t be able to spend as much time as you would want. I would suggest spending most of your day at the Lucayan National Park because once you get there you will not want to leave. Bring food and water because the park only has snacks. My boyfriend and I went and we were almost the only ones on the beach and did not feel scared once. It is such a magical beach with beautiful energy and turquoise waters. Comment if you need more info.

Happy blogging,

C. Estelle


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